Houston Zoo

Houston, Texas

In 2022, the Houston Zoo will celebrate its 100th anniversary by completing the most dramatic transformation in its history. This strategic plan will reconfigure the campus into experiential zones that highlight wildlife and ecosystems found in Texas and around the world. With conservation as a focus throughout each zone, the zoo hopes to facilitate better connections between communities and wildlife in an effort to inspire action to save species in the wild.

To date, Collaborative Engineering Group is working on the following projects:

Cypress Circle Cafe (Completed) - Signature gathering place in the Heart of the Zoo

Texas Wetlands (Completed) - Habitat featuring alligators, bald eagels, whooping cranes, turtles, and waterfowl. In addition, this phase will include enhancements to the orangutan and bear habitats.

Pantanal (Completed) - Pedestrian pathways, viewing areas, and exhibits for hoofstock animals, the jaguar, macaws, giant river otters, howler monkeys, capybaras, anaconda and other reptiles. There will also be holding buildings for each exhibit.

Galapagos Islands (Under Construction) - Exhibit will feature sea lions, sharks, giant tortoises, and other iconic species from the Ecuadorian archipelago.

Garage & Office (Under Construction) - New parking garage for public and employee use. Admin offices will house administrative staff for the zoo and serve as emergency headquarters for critical employees in the case of a natural disaster.

Campus Electrical Distribution - Upgrading electrical distribution for both normal and emergency power throughout the campus.